London Calling!

17th September 2018

We gathered together as a phase and discovered that we were all going to go on a journey to London. Before we left the hall, we each received an Oyster Card which would enable us to use the public transport.


Next, we went to Oxford Circus underground station to board the tube. Some of us felt scared because we were unsure what to do. The doors shut quickly. It was jam packed, cramped, hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. We found it difficult to exit the tube particularly when people were standing in the carriage in the way.

After that, we ventured to Hyde Park. We discovered that people visit this large green area to relax in the sun, watch the waterfalls, have picnics, take part in water sports and even participate in music concerts.

Following the park, we walked chaotically to Oxford Street where we heard the chimes of Big Ben. We noticed how busy Oxford Street is. We saw different forms of transport and hundreds of people trying to move from one side of the street to the other.

When returning to our classroom, in groups, we had to talk to each other about different images from London. We then matched these with factual information.

We introduced our new class text.

A walk in

As a class, we had a discussion about whether ‘A Walk in London’ is a fiction or a non-fiction book. We sorted several books into their correct zone. We decided our new class text was about to fit in both categories. We also thought about the Bible and shared that there are some people in our world who do not believe in God. Therefore, we decided, the Bible would go in the middle.




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